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Brock Whittaker -- Software Engineer in San Francisco


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Brock is a Software Engineer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a stressful and tedious entrace into the industry by way of contract work, he landed an internship at Salesforce and soon after gained full-time employment working for the open source chat company Zulip.
Aside from programming as a day job, Brock's interests include such varied things as programming in the night, dusk, and dawn as well. Time not spent programming however is spent traveling, hiking, socializing, and taking landscape photographs.


Software Engineer (Zulip) -- Implemented the major Zulip redesign for the commercial launch of the Zulip Project along with coordinating with the open source community to help foster good and efficient contributions to the project.
Demo Engineer Intern (Salesforce) -- Created the 2016 Boothforce App for Staffing all shifts internally at the Dreamforce Convention using the Ionic JS platform with Cordova.
Software Development (Matte NYC) -- Managed a long-term contract for software work on a Ruby on Rails and JavaScript site.
Proficient in the JavaScript stack (from Vue, React and Vanilla to node.js), the full HTML5 stack (HTML5, CSS3), and good with PHP and Python, SQL.
I love reimplementing my favorite libraries. From Huffman Encoding to a jQuery-esque framework to flat file databases, I've tried my hand at many parts of the stack to get a better understanding of how they are implemented.
AltCanvas -- a (very) Lo-Fi implementation of <canvas> that allows users to draw a custom BitMap image.
Lavancier Charts -- an API to retrieve full, interactive SVG charts in an asset bundle for those who don't want to import charting libraries or fiddle with the mechanics themselves.
US Traffic Simulation -- a naïve simulation of traffic in the United States between major metropolitan cities using weighted populations and resistance (to traffic) on the way to reaching final destinations. Utilizes the A* pathfinding algorithm.
routing.js -- because JavaScript needs another framework for routing and templating right? A simple router and framework to manipulate the DOM with direct actions to objects along with a route-based store implementation.
Option Modelling -- a monte carlo simulator turned fortune teller (just kidding). By taking historical data, volatility, skew, and kurtosis for an asset, this program plots its distribution of returns and tells you what your expected returns are for a given call option.
Modeling Supply & Demand with Surge Pricing -- a study into the financial sense behind maximizing ridership, profit, and keeping consistent rates.
Adventures with un-grep-able and non-deterministic JavaScript -- a look into a JavaScript solution to pesky code readability and reliability.


Brock will not code for coffee. He will however, code for a Blue Bottle Cappuccino -- but money works, too.
When mixed with alcohol, occassional programming atrocities occur such as the invention of "Adventures with un-grep-able and non-deterministic JavaScript". (


I live in San Francisco, but I like leaving my very overpriced bedroom empty for a few weeks a year.
Los Angeles -- 06/09/2017
New York    -- 06/13/2017
Oslo        -- 06/15/2017
Lofoten     -- 06/18/2017
Svalbard    -- 06/20/2017
London      -- 06/25/2017
Paris       -- 06/27/2017


Telephone -- 0x136367a47